Years of highly specialized research and in-depth knowledge about supply and demand allow us to offer a wide range of products and services. Find out more about our products:

Kameleoon is the A/B test which allows you to understand your customers and to optimize their navigation on your website, offering them a tailored experience.

CRO_BRAIN is the “recommendation engine che parla italiano”. Born of the cooperation between Intergic and prusys, CRO_BRAIN exploits the same mathematical algorithms of prudsys Enterprise, but it takes into account the needs of Italian enterprises.

Klarna Pay now is an online banking based payment system. Your customer can pay through bank transfer without leaving the shopping experience, simply using their online banking details. Simple, direct, secure.

Heidelpay is an omnichannel payment solution offering an integrated system able to manage payments for e-commerce, M-commerce, POS, marketplace and any other distribution channel. With 200 different payment methods integrated, Heidelpay is the perfect global partner.

CleverReach offers a cloud based email marketing software that helps you creating, delivering, and designing email marketing automations. Email marketing has never been so easy and effective.

User experience unica e personalizzata per ogni singolo visitatore. Analisi big data in real-time del comportamento dei visitatori per una gestione automatizzata di esperienze d’acquisto 1to1. Attraverso tutti i canali.

FACT-Finder è il tool di Search & Navigation per e commerce leader in Europa. Combina avanzati algoritmi di ricerca con una navigazione intelligente e ampie possibilità di filtro. Tollerante agli errori, indipendente dalle lingue, offre potenti funzioni di merchandising e analisi.