Search & Navigation Engine - Increase your search revenue with FactFinder

Search & Navigation engine based on maths algorithms and AI. Its error-tolerance and the language independence allow the users to find always what they are looking for. The possibility to create dedicated campaigns, to set filters or business rules, together with the ongoing self-learning of the engine, make FactFinder a full suite.

• Core: instant improvement of search results, personalized product ranking and integrated analytics tool based on AI.
• Personalisation : dynamic fitting of the online shop with the purchase model of each customer.
• Customer Journey: dynamic filters and personalizing faceted navigation to increase conversion rate and collect data based on the user behaviour during navigation.
• Campaign manager : creations of campaigns and landing pages dedicated to the most relevant products for business and the ones which best fit to your customers’ needs.
• Guided Selling: advisor campaigns to advise to the undecided customers which products they have to buy.
• Services :hosting services, technical support and consultancy in Italian, english and german.
• Predictive Basket : Forecast and recommendation of products which are often bought, which can be put into the basket through drag&drop.

Some clients who have already chosen FactFinder:

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