Shopreme - product scanning and cashless payment

The Scan & Go technology allows customers to scan the barcode (or QR code) on individual products while shopping in the physical store and pay directly with their phone. As a white-label service, the product scanning and the cashless payment is done without interfering with the corporate identity. Shopreme not only reduces waiting time at checkout barriers (since the latter are eliminated), but also serves as a marketing tool for collecting data (GDPR compliant) about customers’ tastes and needs, in order to implement cross-sell strategies through product suggestions.  

Moreover, Shopreme allows store clerks to perform random checks on customers who have used the app to pay, thanks to a notification system integrated with Exit Gates. But that’s not all: it’s also able to verify compliance with age limits for the purchase of products intended only for a certain range. 

Finally, using Shopreme as a payment method has shown a 10% increase in the average shopping cart.

Offer your customers an innovative payment method!


  • Scan & Go Barcode/QRcode Technology
  • Available in White Label
  • Marketing tool for data collection and customized cross-sell strategies
  • Virtual receipt in app
  • Random check at exit gates
  • Age verification 
Some clients who have already chosen Shopreme :

Sede Legale

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