Growth Data Engine

The Newco is the Growth Data Engine that allows you to profile your online users even with the advent of cookie sunset, enabling you to optimise the budget for your digital marketing campaigns.

The solution consists of four modules, based on a persistent ID developed by The Newco:

  • Consent: collection of user consent via persistent ID, in line with the concept of privacy by design;
  • Identify: clean room for data entanglement, analysis and utilisation;
  • Enrich: enrichment of proprietary data with information from other sources;
  • Activate: omnichannel approach in terms of activation on multiple platforms and integration with additional technologies.

Why choose The Newco?

Using TNC can improve user recognition by 33% and increase conversion rates by up to +35%, as well as improve cost per acquisition by up to 200%.

It therefore allows you to implement strategies of:

  • Better marketing: optimising digital marketing campaigns and related spending
  • Better service: customer recognition
  • Better profit: monetisation of data

The Newco Features :

  • Fully cookieless and GDPR compliant
  • Modular and adaptable to customer requirements
  • Can be integrated into the framework already employed by the company
Some customers who have already chosen The Newco:

Sede Legale

Via Cavour 69
39012 Merano (BZ)

P. IVA: IT02611260213


Tel +39 02 45075259