Trbo - On-site personalisation

Trbo is a platform for onsite personalisation that allows you to offer an individual experience to each user, based on their behavior and interests.

Part of the MACH Alliance, it offers several modules for approaching the subject at 360 degrees: A/B testing, recommendations, AI-based real-time segmentation, UX personalisation (insertion of pop-ins, pop-ups, etc.).

In addition to the platform, Trbo provides its customers with a team for platform management and campaign optimisation at no extra cost.

Some brands that have already been using trbo for some time have reported the following results:

  • More accurate data to be used for testing and further investigation;
  • A better online experience for its customers;
  • KPI improvement. 
Features of trbo:
  • Dashboard user-friendly;
  • Modular platform;
  • Customer Success Manager following the brand after signing.
Some clients who have already chosen trbo:

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